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Overclocked new build- OCCT temps seem impossible

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a b K Overclocking
August 27, 2012 8:36:34 AM

Hey guys, I need some experienced opinions to confirm my suspicion that OCCT must be showing inaccurate temperature readings. I don't know what it was reading prior to overclocking my X3 455 since I installed OCCT afterward, but running at 3498mhz (up from 3300mhz stock), it's showing a range of 19-22C across all three cores while I sit here online. That would equate to 66-72F ... which seems very unlikely given that the digital thermometer I have sitting beside the case on my desk reads 73F right now. The GPU is reading a much more believable 37C.

I am afraid to see what happens with the core readings if I run the CPU load test, as I don't trust I would know with any accuracy when I was close to frying the processor. I started with the 4.1.0 version, as that's what install files I keep on my system utilities USB drive. After I saw the numbers, I uninstalled and went with the newest v4.3.1 to compare. Same story. This is on a MSI 760GM-P23 mobo, as I should have mentioned earlier. If opinion is that there is an issue with the board sensors, I am definitely returning it and going with another manufacturer- I've already had more issues with this mobo and its BIOS than with all my other systems combined.

Thanks for the time!
a b K Overclocking
August 28, 2012 8:52:10 PM

have you tried another program, like speedfan or HWmonitor?

i've had the same issue, turning Cool n' quiet off seemed to fix it for me