Which monitor should I purchase?

Hello everyone!

I've been planning on buying a new monitor for some time now and I am not sure between these two ASUS monitors.



There is not much of a difference between the two. They are both around 24'' and are 1080p. What is your opinion?

Also, I have an ATI Radeon HD 5850 graphics card and I was wondering on whether or not to purchase an HDMI cable to connect to the monitor. I've never used a monitor with HDMI and I would like to know if it is worth it or not.
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  1. makes no difference wether you use HDMI or not. If the monitor has speakers built in (which they both do) then the HDMI should carry the sound (if you hooked the sound up to the GPU properly) into the speakers, but those built in speakers are pretty awful ones.

    Personally I would go for the first one, it has a bigger screen and a 2ms response time unlike the other which is 5ms.
  2. I would look up some reviews on them and read what people who owned them wrote about them. I haven't used either but I do enjoy having HDMI on my screen, I sometimes use it for my ps3.


    Heres a start, usually you kind find documentaries,unboxing and personal reviews.
    One thing about shopping for screens on the internet, is them prices bounce, I would wait to pounce on a good deal, like scope out the ones you like and more than likely one of the many respect BBB accredited sites will have a sale.
  3. Oh yeah heres this also. I am pretty sure the VW is the more high end model,even though the VH is also in the enthusiast range.
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