Does a memory popularity affect its performance?

Say, compared to well-known manufacturers like OCZ, Corsair, G.Skill, does 'less-wellknown' manufacturers' memory are slower in the same PC?

Does my memory A-Data Vitesta Extreme Ed. :
-4 GB with timings 4-4-4-12
-Voltage 1.9 ~ 2.0 V

Will perform less than, say, a Corsair Dominator 4 GB 4-4-4-12 same voltage? Will a higher memory brand affect better performance despite same capacity, timings, and voltage? Assume the other components are the same, and set to 1:1 ratio.

(Note there is this unseen number Command Rate and another 'hidden' number after '-12..' part that usually comes in 23 or 42, or something else. I question if these numbers, or anything else, are the hidden factors)
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    Brands doesn't matter, maybe Corsair have better reviews than A-Data but it doesn't mean that if both have the exact same specs,then the Corsair one will perform better.
    As long as the specs are the same,the performance will be the same too.
  2. I've been hearing alot of negative comments with OCZ memory lately, and while I hadn't used OCZ memory since ddr1, it worked like a charm. So what is the reason for all the negative comments toward OCZ? I've also used corsair and I've heard positive things for Muskin as well as Gskill.
  3. I had had 2 OCZ RAMs with 2 ASUS motherboards but i had to set everything manually in the BIOS in order to get everything work fine,because when they were on auto,i had instability problems.
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  5. Quote:
    Timings are timings, regardless of brand. They all have lifetime warranty so it doesn't matter.

    That being said, I won't buy anything but Corsair and Kingston. Well I would probably buy G-skill, but never have and I surely will never buy OCZ or Crucial (desktop) memory again.

    True true, I have no doubt for good brands. I thank you guys for the info I think I'll just go with the A-Data, due to my budget limit. Thanks for the help.
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