Asrock 870 extreme 3 how many ram sticks cant fit?

Just to start off the title is wrong and is meant to say "asrock 870 extreme 3 how many sticks of ram can it fit"

Hey guys just wondering how many sticks of ram a certain motherboard that i brought can hold.

The motherboard is an asrock 870 extreme 3 (

I have decided to buy the set of 2x2 gb ram (

My question is how many sticks can the motherboard hold of this ram. Would it be able to hold four sets of 2gb sticks to make a total of 8gb with this memory?

Thanks in advance also sry about the wording as this was done on my itouch ;)
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  1. Picure shows 4 RAM sockets.

    Spec show it can support 16 GB of RAM (4X4 GB).

    Number of Memory Slots 4×240pin
    Memory Standard DDR3 1800(OC)/1600(OC)/1333/1066/800
    Maximum Memory Supported 16GB

    So yes, it should support 8 GB of RAM.
  2. Kk thankyou very much.

    What does the dual channel mean also can this board support two graphics cards?
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