Dell Dimension 9150 loading from GPU bios? HELP!!!

Two months ago I replaced the old graphics card in my parent's Dell Dimension 9150. I replaced it with a Nvidia Geforce 9600gt Low Power. I removed all the old drivers beforehand. It has been working fine until yesterday. I attempted to boot the pc and it failed to reach the loading screen. This is the image that was displayed on the screen P1051416.jpg picture by FinlayG_2010

I also noticed that several lights lit up on the front of the PC when it attempted to boot. Diagnostic lights 2 and 4 lit up. Apparently this is a video card error. This was then followed by lights 1, 2 and 3 lighting up. According to the manual this means that "another failure has occured". Specifically it says that "The operating system is attempting to boot from a device (Such as the floppy drive or hard drive)..."

After attempting to boot it several times it did manage to load Windows. As soon as I tried to log on the system crashed.

I have removed the video card and replaced it with the video card from my PC. This did not solve anything as it just tried to load from that video card's bios.

A bit of a background on this particular PC..

It is running Windows XP Media Center Edition (SP3 I believe... obviously I can't check it as it is not working), 3 GB RAM (2x 512MB, 2x 1GB), Nvidia Geforce 9600gt Low Power, and a Pentium D 930 CPU (not overclocked)

All the components seem to be running. However, Both the hard drive and Power Supply are slightly dodgy. On booting the hard drive has displayed "drive is dirty" errors. It takes a while to clean and check all of the files but has always loaded eventually. This has happened several times in the past couple of months. The PSU occassionally makes loud noises. I believe that the fan may be wearing out. It has never been a paticularly reliable computer and has had issues from day one. There have been numerous BSOD errors. This was remedied by the addition of 2GB more RAM.

This issue is seriously frustrating me! Please help!
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  1. It just stops posting after loading the video card it is not trying to load from it suspect HDD.
  2. do I fix it? Do I need a new HDD or will reinstalling windows be sufficient?
  3. Anyone?
  4. You can try a repair install. Put your windows disk in and boot from it, when you get the question to install or repair from recovery select install. It will then find a previous windows installation and ask if you want to repair it select repair. Hope this helps!
  5. It is failing to recognise the Windows installation disk let alone boot from it. Am I correct in assuming that this may mean that the HDD is not at fault?
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    It might be that the motherboard is failing or the Power supply. You can try resetting bios!
  7. Power Supply? That doesn't seem very likely. I honestly have no idea how to reset the bios on this PC. I cannot find the jumper.......
  8. Reset the bios and it boots but then locks up at login screen. It displays random error messages when booting. Failure to find SATA HDD, Floppy diskette etc. Got a techy friend to take a look at it and he agreed with me that the motherboard was fried. Aparently it is extremely common on this model. So new PC it is. I will not let my dad pay $500 for a proprietary motherboard on a rubbish pc. Dell can go and stick it where the sun don't shine.
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