Need 2nd ATI Card for Dual Mode Operation

I'd like to buy a new ATI XFire card to pair with one I already own, an ATI All-in-Wonder HD card 512MG. I want to run the two cards in dual mode on an ASRock ConRoeXFire-eSATA2 motherboard. Any recommendations as to a good model to buy for the second ATI XFire card?
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    First off posting this in the Nvidia section makes no sense.
    Second by "dual mode" you mean two monitors at once? If so your current card should be able to handle that on its own.
    If you want an upgrade for gaming you shouldn't try to crossfire with that thing. Just get a good regular card for gaming and use what you have as a tv tuner and/or to run the second monitor.
  2. I'm sorry for posting in the wrong forum. I've now moved my question to the ATI forum and added that I need to power three monitors -- two computer monitors and one HDTV monitor.
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