Why can't I adjust my resolution?

I can't adjust my monitor to 1920x1080 in windows. If i put it any higher than 1680x1050 the screen becomes completely unreadable. I can adjust the settings in CCC to 1920 x1080. Could this be a driver problem? A problem w/ the vid card? Using an acer H243H monitor and the rest of my specs are posted below.

NOTE: I already tried to unitall the drivers, CCC, and windows 7 64bit. None of which worked. Thanks for the help.
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  1. Your monitor came with driver's CD or not?
    Don't forget to install it too... :)
  2. You don't say what video card you are using, the monitor will do HD...

    WA1...Monitor drivers...LMAO!!!
  3. There's an EDID issue with this monitor.


    Seems the EDID data t gets from windows won't ket go and allow it to use the EDID info from the monitor driver

    Here's some other dude's story and how he fixed it

  4. some monitors cant handle 1080p. you gotta get one that can handle that sort of res. your defiantly not gonna get that kinda resolution if your running old school VGA. Old CTR monitors are Hi Resolution, not Hi Definition. your aspect ratio for 1920x1080 also is true 16x9 so you also need a monitor thats the same shape as a HDTV. good luck
  5. Heres an update on my situation. whenever I change the resolution to 1920x1080 in windows, it defaults to 59hz refresh rate. However, if I change it to 60hz, it becomes readable again. Is there a way to make the resolution default on 60hz? because otherwise I cannot adjust my resolution in games.
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