Any new quads expected ??

I am planning to get a new machine... i'm favouring the core i5 as of now... but is intel or amd scheduled to release an new quads to the market ?? around the $200-$250 price range..

i don't mind waiting for some time... if any new products are scheduled to be released...
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  1. amd 6 cores late april round the $200-$300 range
  2. 6 cores ?? well i'd skip on that... not many applications utilizing so many cores... no quads then ?? an upgrade maybe to phenom 955/965 ??
  3. just a lot of new motherboards going round lately
  4. hasn't the i5 and newer i7'sonly just come out?
  5. the dual core i5's are new and the i7 930 and 6 core i7 980x
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    As previously said, AMD will be releasing 6-core CPUs soon enough. Intel only recently released the i5s and i7s so I would only expect moderate increases in speed and stepping for now. Of course Intel will trickle down 6-core CPUs to lower price points if they see AMD created a demand for them. As for new architectures, nothing new till AMD releases Bulldozer based CPUs.
  7. so i guess i'll go about and buy the core i5 750 then..
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  9. Not sure I'd do that. IF AMD can release a 6 core part in the $200 range it might be better then the i5 750. It's rumored to be a 2.6 or 2.8GHz part and will have more cores to combat the i5s higher IPC. Seeing as its supposed to be coming soon, I myself would probably wait to see who comes out on top.
  10. a six core processor in the $200 range ?? Is that even possible ??
  11. Rumor has it that's what AMD is going to do. I think I saw just north of $200, $230?

    After doing some looking, here is a site that claims they will be closer to $300.

    Not sure if I remember wrong or they have the wrong rumor. Either way AMD should have a six core around $250(?) The i5 750 might be a better deal then.
  12. awesome !! if it turns out to beat the core i5 then i'd go for it :)
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