Computer unable to complete windows startup after installing new cpu

Yesterday I purchased a new cpu (Q8400 core 2 Quad) and graphics card (9800 GT)for my computer. Installation of the graphics card went smoothly but after installing the cpu the computer will no longer complete startup. Computer hangs at one of three points, at the opening motherboard screen, just after verifying the DMI pool data or at the windows loading screen.

I downloaded and installed the new bios from the gigabyte website and installed via qflash which apparently ran through without a hitch. Computer can run with my old cpu so it's def the new cpu causing the issue. CPU is confirmed to be compatible with my motherboard on the gigabyte website.

I'd be really appreciative of any advice that the forum could offer as I've reached the end of my limited skills and am unsure what to do.

System specs
fx: 9800GT
cpu: Q8400 core 2 Quad
motherboard: GA-EP31-DS3L
OS: XP pro
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  1. Go to BIOS, press a key, I think it's F9, for system info, verify that BIOS is F5f or later for Q8400 support.

    If not, you must flash the bios. Don't do Windows/DOS. Download the BIOS, upzip to a USB stick, restart pc, go to BIOS, press a key, I think it's F8 for bios flash utility, go from there.

    Important: Make sure you're looking at the right revision for your mobo. It should be printed on the mobo by the cpu socket.
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