Inno3D vs Gainward vs Gigabyte

Hello, I’m putting together a gaming rig and msy offers 3 types of GTX 260’s in the Inno3D, Gainward and Gigabyte versions. I have no idea what’s better or what would be best for me. Please help!! I need to buy it soon! Cheers, trez
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  1. I would buy the cheapest with minimum 2 years of warranty!
  2. ^+1
    all of them will perform basically the same, so get a card that came with longer warranty... :)
  3. They are all the same price and same warranty, lol.

    Would this rig work? im fair noob so i have no idea if this combination of hardware will work together.... if you could help that would be great!
    · CPU – AM3 (AMD) Phenom II x4 (Quad Core) 955

    · Motherboard – ASUS M4A78T-E 790GX AM3 DDR3

    · Ram – 2x Kingston 4gb kit DDR3 1333 (8gb of ram)

    · Case – NZXT lexa BLACKLINE

    · Graphic Card – SLI (ie x2) Nvidia Grainward GTX 260

    · Operating system – 64bit MS Windows 7 Home Premium

    · DVD/Blu-Ray Drive – SATA-Blue Ray Combo Samsung

    · Power Supply – Seasonic M12 80plus 700watt
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    Okay, your build is great, i would choose gigabyte if they are all the same price and same warranty... :)
  5. Thanks! going to go buy it for MSY today
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