New Build Questions P6T i920 Dominator 8gb

Hello, i just built the following system and need a few questions answered if you could please,

Asus p6t (not deluxe, not se, just p6t)
i7 920 cpu
8gb xms3corsair dominator ram
sapphire 5850 1gb
wd black 1tb
coolmaster haf 932
corsaid 750w ps
win 7 pro 64bit

My questions are i have had problems installing the driver for the onboard lan. The cd provided by asus does not support the 64bit os. I downloaded all kinds of drivers for that specific network card, as well got the 64bit driver from asus site, and still windows cannot recognize it. I cant seem to manually select the driver in win 7. Anyone have the same problem? Even with a exact driver from asus, it still wont work.
Should i just buy a new network card?

Also i cant run many games in 64 bit mode, anyone add a second drive for games? with a 32 bit os?
If i do this i can only use 4gb of ram. Not sure what to do here. Thanks
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  1. For are using a processor that uses triple channel memory so you should buy memory that supports triple channel are using 8 gigs of dual channel memory...Why???
  2. *Quad channel*-designed for dual channel i7-i5 chuips...again...why???
  3. *i7-920 is designed for triple channel memory*- With the problem you are having I have no clue...I use the onboard lan on p6t
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