Underclocking for a overclocked GPU?

Ok so this isn't overclocking but, underclocking. I was wonder if I underclock my GTX 560 non TI superclocked using OC Guru or whatever else if it would help with the bottle necking. I'm getting low frames with my new card in low settings and 1024x720. I have two monitors, main one is 1080p 21.5", second one is a old 18 or 19". I only game on the main monitor and watch youtube on the other.

-----Computer Specs-----
It's a HPE-40f :cry: with a upgrade card and PSU
i5 650 3.2GHz
8gb 1333MHz DDR3 (or 1066 pretty sure it's 1333MHz)
Gigabyte 560 SuperClocked
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    No, underclocking would make it worse.

    It's a CPU based bottle neck (especially at that res with low settings, which I guess you know, since you're even asking this), but underclocking the GPU will only hurt performance more.

    Honestly, try a higher res and/or higher settings to put the strain on the GPU and take the strain off of the CPU.
  2. unless the card is overheating i don't see why you would underclock it.

    what does your cpu/gpu utilization look like?
  3. Yes, you can underclock, no, it's never going to help with bottlenecking.
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  5. ok thanks
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