Can i run a 2wire wireless modem and a speedstream modem in the same house?

I have a 2wire wireless modem/router connected in one part of the house, and would like to connect a speedstream modem in another part of the house to connect an xBox360 to it to play. When I attempt to connect the speedstream moden now, the DSL connection quits working at the 2wire.

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  1. No.
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    If you have two separate phone/data lines, sure.

    But I'm guessing you're just plugging two ADSL modems into two sockets that belong to the same phone line. That'll just cause them to confuse each other, and neither will work.

    The easiest thing to do is to get yourself a modem with a router and more than one Ethernet (network) ports in the back. Then you can plug your computer into one port, and get a (long) Ethernet cable and use that to join your PS3 to the same router. Then both the computer and the PS3 will have access to the internet at the same time.

    Looking at 2wire's site, I reckon there's a good chance that your modem/router already offers more than one Ethernet port on the back, so there's no reason why you couldn't do this. (Other than working out how to hide a ruddy great Ethernet cable as it runs all through the house, obviously.)
  3. TegGhola , thank you so much for your confirmation of what I suspected. I was fairly sure that I couldn't have two DSL modems on the same phone line, but was not %100 sure. Although I plugged the Speedstream in and observed the DSL stop working, I wanted to make sure it wasn't some setting or some other thing that I was overlooking. I have a teen in the house that had a Linksys wireless gaming adaptor that apperently has gone bad, and he wanted to take a spare Speedstream and plug his game directly into that in his room. I don't think he believed me, so I wanted to confirm what I thought and you have done this.

    My house was built by an electrician and he added a LOT of phone outlets and I think he used CAT V wiring (I am not strong with networking and cabling), so I need to look into putting the wireless modem in the basement and somehow changing some of the connections in the box downstairs to cause some of the phone outlets to become ethernet outlets. Of course, the quickest and easiest way to solve our problem is to replace the gaming adapter, but his finances precludes this from happening anytime soon.
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