What is a single slot and a dual slot graphic card

I got a nvdia 250 gts graphic card,
when its on full load it hits 85 °C n on ideal 65 °C
so is that safe ??
I have a good amount of airflow in my chase with 2 extra fans !!

So i need 2 know if its single slot or dual slot card ?
And if its single slot card then is the temp fine ??
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  1. Safe temperature margins are not dependent on having a single or dual slot graphics card, though dual slot cards generally have lower temperatures.

    Your temps are fine. Don't worry about your GPU until you get into the high 90's.
  2. Look at the back of your case.....does the card block one or two slots at the back of the case. Another way to think of it is if you put 2 screws in to hold it in place, it's a dual slot card, 1 screw = single slot.

    The difference is, a single slot card exhausts heat into the case . A dual slot card exhausts hot air outside the case thru an external grille which takes up the extra slot..

    This is a dual slot card

    This is a single slot abomination :)
  3. ^+2
    just as they said... :)
  4. Actually it's a bit more complicated. There are cards that wont use two actual slots but the fan/heatsink is large enough that it will cover the slot under it inside your computer, effectively making it a dual slot card. The card Jack linked as single slot is one of them.
    I don't believe there are any actual single slot GTS 250s.
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