Phenom X6 launch

looks like my friends here in Bahrain are already planning on selling this CPU, and have prices.

Toms: if your interested this would make for an interesting article, just hope somebody a little more privileged sees this thread... could not find contact toms button.
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  1. Quote:
    What are you going on about?

    Why would tom's be interested in your Facebook page?

    What does your Facebook page have to do with Phenom 2 X6??

    Have they announced it will be a Phenom 2?
    Also this as nothing to do with hardware it's just a info page on Facebook.
    there are no prices.
  2. there are, it is the Advanti shop page on facebook. There is a posting on when they will have the x6 in stock, and a link to another tech site which talks about the launch.

    It is not MY facebook page
  3. It does say something about AMD Thuban there.

    I honestly believe AMD can't be too far behind with their hex-core, since they already have the hex-core Opterons already.
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