Sli problem brand new rebuild

please can someone help i have just upgraded my pc cost me a fortune i just cant enable sli i have been trying for over a week now the system that i have is
power- be quiet 1200w
cpu- slbej i7 extreme edition
motherboard- asus p6t deluxe v2
memory- 6gig corsair ddr3 cmx6gx3m3a2000c9
2x gainward gtx 295 cards
corsair water cooling system
fresh install of windows 7
everything is brand new i have tried both cards on there own and there fine
i have tried 3 sli bridges as i thought it may of been faulty still nothing
i have been building my own pc for years and this has got me completely
baffled now i think i should have bought ati or just stuck to a crappy ps3
any advise will be gratefully apreciated
new user phil bristow.......
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  1. You mean that there is no option in Nvidia control panel ?
    Do you have the latest VGA drivers installed ?
  2. thanks but finally i sussed it out my power supply was on economy mode thanks anyway
  3. So is it working fine now ? did you change your PSU ?
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