Please advise for a best full hd 24 inch monitor

please suggest me a 24 inch full hd monitor which im intending to use for the following:
1.Watching full hd movies
2.playing pc games(0 backlight bleeding problem)
3.contains speakers and hdmi support
4.If possible with the cables bundled.
My Rig spech is:
1.Intel Dual core (3.3 ghz)
2.2 gb ddr2 corsair ram)
3.ati hd 4770 gpu
Only essential components
I had been searching a lot for some days but couldnt find the apt one.. :(
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  1. Speakers generally indicates some viewing compromises but, given your criteria

    If accurate color is a concern however, that pushes you out of the TN panel monitors. The entry point here is about $515 US and that's only when you can catch a special on the Dell U2410.
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    All LCD monitors will have some level of backlight bleeding and varies between monitors even of the same models. It is a limitation of the LCD technology itself.

    Typically most LCD monitors that come with speakers uses TN panel technology. While it's inexpensive and tend to have the lowest rated response times and input lag in general, they also tend to have the most problems with backlight bleeding (from my experience) and color accuracy / uniformity.
  3. I just bought a acer h233h 23" on sale for $135 it seems nice.
    1080pHD at 1290x1080
  4. I have an ASUS VH242H:

    It's absolutely wonderful :]
  5. Thanks a lot ...So just dell U2410 would be apt right.
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