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Hello all.

I have somewhat of a newbie question. Since I have almost no budget to build a new system right now, I was wondering if I could upgrade my current (but old) system with a video card until I have enough to build a new system and use the video card I purchase now. I have the Asus M2NPV-VM motherboard and I am currently using the built-in video (Geforce 6150). I have been thinking about doing some gaming and the built-in video would just not cut it, IMO. I am not looking to be a major gamer but would like a system that runs smoothly for some of today's (and yesterdays) games. This motherboard has a PCI express x16 slot. My question is this.... is it possible to put in a PCI express 2.0 x16 or a 2.1 x16 card in this motherboard? If so, what are some good options in the $150 range?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. You can definitely install a PCI-e 2.0 card. Not sure of the PCI-e 2.1 standard since I never researched it.

    List the specs of your current PC and what resolution you plan to game at. A "$150" video card could be bottle necked by a slow CPU. Of course if you plan on using the same video card in your upgraded PC, then being bottled necked in the short term is not a big deal.
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    You can pout a PCI-E 2 in a PCI-E 1 slot. As for what to buy, that depends on your resolution. Plug your budget into the list below and then go read that section of the article to see how it stands up. Skip the $155 category as all those cards as well as the 4870 are at $175 or better at the moment.,2491.html

    Here's the "winners" from THG's latest (December) GFX Roundup
    Best Graphics Cards For The Money: December '09

    $50 - HD 4650
    $65 - HD 4670 / 9600 GSO
    $85 - 9600 GT
    $95 - 9800 GT / HD 4830
    $110 - GTS 250 512 MB
    $120 - GTS 250 1 GB
    $155 - HD 5770 / GTX 260
    $200 - HD 4890
    $240 - 2 x GTS 250
    $310 - No winner (HD 5850 Honorable Mention)
    $330 - 2 x GTX 260 / 2 x HD 5770
    $400 - 2 x HD 4890
    $410 - No winner (HD 5870 Honorable Mention)
    $465 - No winner (GTX 295 Honorable Mention)
    $625 - No winner (HD 5970 Honorable Mention)
  3. Thanks for the fast reply.

    Current proc is an AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual core 3800+ (2ghz). 2gb DDR2 RAM.
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