Overclocking Memory causes crackling on Creative Titanium Fatal1ty Pro

this is my first post here at tom's hardware and i was hoping someone would have an answer to my question.

My specs are
Core i7 930 Stock
6gb DDR3 OCZ Low Voltage Gold 1600 currently running at 1066
Gigabyte EX58A-UD3R rev.2.0
Corsair 850TX PSU
Creative Sound Blaster Titanium Fatal1ty Pro
Visiontek Killer 2100 NIC
Gigabyte GTX460 1GB
WD 1TB Caviar Black
WD 1TB Green Storage
Corsair H50 Cooler
Cooler Master Haf 932
Windows 7 64 bit Pro

All latest drivers are installed and bios updated if possible,
When ever I set the timings on the ram that are recommended on the OCZ forums and I start to play Battlefield Bad Company 2 i get the snap crackle pop i have read about, the timings found on the ocz forum are as follows:
tRCD 8
tRP 8
tRAS 24
tRFC 88
CMD Rate 1T
Memory Multiplier 12
Memory Voltage 1.65 (i must put 1.66 as 1.65 is not available)

When reset the settings to auto then the crackling goes away, I have an RMA pending with Newegg for the memory, i have not sent it in yet, my questions are Should I send it in? which part is mostly likely at fault, memory, chipset, or sound card? is it worth the RMA?

Also The memory at stock settings and overclocked did not give errors with Memtest 86+ I ran with stock settings for about 6 hours and overclocked for 3 hours.

Thank you in advance to all replies.
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  1. Try the OC "crackling" settings and pull the Visiontek Killer 2100 NIC, and see if the "crackling" is still there.
  2. still getting the same results with onboard lan, also something i forgot to mention the crackling doesn't start right away it all of sudden appears like 10 mins. or so into the game, maybe the memory is good, just the creative drivers can't handle the overclock, oh and btw i am only overclocking the memory not the cpu and the video card is factory overclocked to 715mhz if that helps.
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    I hate the idea of having you jump through a bunch of hoops needlessly. That said, and before anything else just know there a bizarre power issues about your MOBO; I've got one...

    "Assuming" that your memory settings are correct, I'd need the P/N to check. I also assume that you've got either a red+yellow or green+yellow on the MOBO' indicators. Just know the difference alone from the DDR running @1600 vs. 1066 ~ 2-3 FPS.

    The next step that I suggest is either ~±0.2 ~ ±0.3V Memory Voltage w/DDR @1600 OC. If the "my guess" under voltage works re-run Memetest86+.

    I am 100% certain that it is not a shielding issue, and I am 98% it is a MOBO issue. Everything you've got I like...
  4. What kind of power issues? Yeah overclocking the memory is a not big deal for me running stock is fine, just thought it was weird that the crackling started after overclocking, thanks i checked your specs too very nice your next project is going to be a beast, i am gonna get another gtx 460 for sli but that is in the future, one is more than i need right now, well i guess i am not gonna go through with the RMA no need, if stock runs fine then stock it shall stay. thanks for the help i really appreciate it.
  5. Sometimes I need to post too, and both GA and Lsdmeasap the guru at confirmed my thoughts of "poor"/ "under" on-board power that is causing some instabilities and "odd" behavior on some of their UD3R (REV 2).

    {I started posting here only recently because of my own GA issues; looking for correlated problems. I "rebuilt" the UD3R and went with Asus P6X58D-E, and it works fine now. After I'm a "Regular" I'm quiting.

    As a hobby-business, I build unique systems that require 2-4 week build-times. 9-5 business is enterprise databases.The rig you referred to is for my daughter with a few "tweaks." I just started to order parts for a EVGA SR-2 build for a referred friend.}
  6. Should I RMA the Gigabyte MOBO and get an ASUS Rampage Extreme III? Would you recommend it?
  7. I just checked some prices, and I'd recommend the EVGA 170-BL-E762-A1 ($299 after rebate) vs. ASUS Rampage III Extreme ($379) - this is a no brainer. However, both are extremely good boards and you won't go wrong with either. Note the EVGA is a XL-ATX and might not fit your case.

    footnote: the H50 is a very clean and simple solution, and I've found pulling air in, as recommended, w/o a filter will make your case very dusty very quickly. Since the then I've reworked to blow cool filtered air towards CPU and exhausted out the rear or top.
  8. I found the board ASUS P6X58D Premium it has all the features it can house everything i have purchased plus it has all the features of the gigabyte and i can run SLI with the Killer 2100 and still have it run X16 on both video cards, only downside is the lack of rear usb ports but no biggie, this is board i will be getting, the gigabyte rma has been approved and also they gave a free ups shipping label so no charge to send it back damn i love newegg, so monday it's going back. thanks for the help on this issue i really appreciate it and i will let you know how it all turns out with my new improved MOBO.
  9. ASUS P6X58D Premium is an excellent board and I've built off it as well.

    It is all about the OC when you and I referenced ASUS Rampage and most of the EVGA lines - they are specifically designed to have "more than" spec'ed power particularly to the CPU.

    Also you did not make a miscall in choosing the UD3R "on paper" - some production flaw is going on in the (REV 2) line. The MOBO has all of the "right stuff" just poorly built.

    As a suggestion, I'd always recommend reviewing the newegg reviews and particularly the newer reviews to see if there is a trend of problems.

    Good luck and post back after you get you new MOBO up an running.
  10. Looks like won't be able to return the board I am missing the PnP Socket Cover I can't for the life of me find it, I must have accidentally thrown it away. I called newegg and asked them and they said I cannot return it without the cover, I must contact Gigabyte if I have any issues, dammit, I can't believe one stupid little piece of plastic can be such a big problem.
  11. Will Newegg RMA just the MOBO? If not I know GA will, but you need to go through the "Ticket" process -

    As you may have read with my issues that not ALL of the UD3Rs had an "immediate" problem, and there are many owners that are okay with them - so do a little rain dance and get it exchanged... As I said, on paper I really like the MOBO.

    Post back what happens - I ma nearing my end here but I still hopes it all goes well!
  12. I will check gigabyte and see, i'll report back and see what they tell me.
  13. Its not a mobo issue; Creative cards do this a LOT. Been happening for over a decade now...(and people wonder why I don't recommend them...). Some mobo's are more stable then others when it comes to Creative, but any OC with a Creative based sound card is asking for SCP to show up [SCP: Snap, Crackle, Pop].
  14. ^^ For folks who improperly install drivers ; maybe. {Vista & XP}
    Latest drivers -

    This MOBO has far more issues; OP ~ no issues unless DDR is OC. Can "try" HT | OMEGA. BTW - there's no sound card you'll find w/o some SCP posted issue, and most of those issues are again the driver and/or GPU OC.
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