Connect Wireless Antenna directly input Router?

I'm a bit perplexed as to what I read concerning this.

As of now, this is how I have my internet (I know, its a bit rouge, but its free)...

FREE Public Signal >> Parabolic Antenna >> Into my XP box's wifi card >> XP box uses internet sharing >> ethernet signal from XP box >> My Router >> To the rest of my computers.

However, could I do something like this:

FREE Public Signal >> Parabolic Antenna >> Some Magical Box >> My Router >> To the rest of my computers.

Would this magical box be a 'wireless repeater'? That is, could a wireless repeater have a wireless input & an ethernet output, that I could connect to the input in my router?

I need to have NAT & DHCP enabled in my router, as I would like to keep my internal network.

I have read things about turning my router into a wireless repeater (and have the parabolic signal connect directly to my router), but would my router still be able to perform DHCP & NAT and still have a wireless output signal for my network?

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  1. I just moved to an area that has free Wi-Fi. Reception with my laptop's internal antenna was spotty, so I bought an external antenna that attaches to the window and plugs into my laptop's USB. Reception is great, but I'm tethered to the antenna cable. How can I connect the external USB antenna as the input to a wireless router so I can once again use my laptop throughout my flat? The wireless router accepts only a LAN cable as input. Thanks for your help.
  2. a wireless bridge is the answer, which converts a wireless signal into an ethernet signal (which then can be plugged into the ethernet input in the router)
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