I5 750 2010 with HyperThreading... released when?

Hi there, and thank you in advance for your answers... my question is really simple: as soon I'm going to upgrade (replace, practically) my system, and I see on the Intel website that Intel is planning a next release of i5 WITH hyperthreading, I would like to know WHEN this cpu is being released and the price.

I searched around 2h now and wasn't able to find any news on it.

I may wait one month or maybe also 2 if price is not too much higher than "old" i5 but there's no date or quarter written anywhere?

Is it my problem in search or didn't Intel released any news on it yet?
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  1. You read that page wrong. Click on the "View more details" button and you'll see that the only i5 chips that do/will have hyperthreading are the dual-core chips. Intel doesn't have any plans to release a quad core i5 chip with hyperthreading.
  2. Aha, thank you man, I noticed now.

    That's sad... under one point of view: I'll not have HT on my computer.

    But on another point of view I'll have my cpu sooner :bounce: :sol:
  3. You may be thinking of the i7-860 which does have hyperthreading. If you require 4 cores plus hyperthreading, also consider the i7-930. The price differential is coming down.
  4. the i5 750 with hyperthreading already exists. its called an i7 860.
  5. Thank you guys, I'll check what is the difference and if it's worth the price :)
  6. Well, the difference is a 30% of the price, but I MAY be able to come up with it.

    The problem is that between i7 860 and i7 930 (which I suspect is something more powerful than the 860) the price difference is 10 dollars and I'd go for it, if I'd go for an i7.
    Is it better 860 or 930?

    From this chart it looks like and 10 dollars more are really nothing at this point.
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    i7930 and i7860 are different sockets AFAIK, and the 1366 motherboards (for the 920, 930, 940, 950, 960, 965, 975 and 980's) are generally more expensive. And by that I mean the cheapest ones are more expensive than the cheapest 1156 motherboards. Also if you are gaming then there is little point in going for the 1366 chipset CPU/motherboards unless you are doing SLI or XFire, and even in that case the performance increase is supposed to be trivial.
    Get the 860 or wait for the 875, which will be more expensive anyway:
  8. OK man, this definitively concludes the thread, I think :na: thank you! :hello:
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  10. Well Intel Utility says my I5 750 has HT already

    ==== Board ======
    Manufacturer Intel Corporation
    Product Name DP55WG
    Version AAE57269-404

    BIOS Version KGIBX10J.86A.3206.2009.0805.1855
    BIOS ROM Size 2048 KB
    BIOS Release Date 8/5/2009

    ====== Processor ======
    Manufacturer Intel(R) Corporation
    Processor Name Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 750 @ 2.67GHz (8 Cores)
    Processor Speed 2.667 GHz
    Stepping 5
    Form Factor Other
    Hyper-Threading Technology Status Enabled

    can this be right?
  11. NO, your m/b has a old bios. August 2009. That was right around when the i5 750 was launched. Your bios is just reporting wrong to the intel application.
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