Corsair and Mushkin DDR2 compatibility issues

Hi all,
Several years ago I purchased the following memory kits a couple months apart: (Mushkin 996533 : DDR2 800, 4-5-4-11, 2.1-2.2V) (Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400 : DDR2 800, 5-5-5-18, 1.9V)
I installed them in an EliteGroup ECS 945P-A motherboard running a Pentium D 805.
I had random restarting issues so I ran MEMTEST on each module individually for multiple passes - they're all good. I couldn't resolve the issue then so I paid for 2 modules I never used :( Now that I have put a 64-bit OS in, I'd like to run all 4GB. After some investigating, I believe the issue is related to the timings (not 100% sure here). I have tried adjusting settings to the slower corsair timings and tried upping the DIMM voltage +.2,+.25 and +.3 (2.0V,2.05V,2.1V) but no luck... The memory is running at 533 (not 800) due to my FSB setting. I have used the latest memtest86+ and have the latest BIOS. Can anyone suggest some settings (or a method to go about finding settings) that will allow these 4 modules to run together?
Thanks in advance!
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    Have you tried bumping up the northbridge voltage? Maybe one or two selections higher than the base. You have 4 DIMMS populated, not 2.
  2. Thats a good idea, I will give it a try an monitor the temps with an IR gun. What would you recommend as safe temp limits fot the NB and DIMMS?
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  4. I cannot find the temp specs for the 945P chipset on Intel's site, try to keep it under 55C-60C. Bumping up the voltage one or two selections from the default should not cause you to exceed 50C.

    If your case airflow is impeded by power and data cables, get some nylon cable ties and gently move the power and data cables/ribbons out of the airflow and secure them to the case with the nylon ties.
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