CPU-Z wrong? Stock Q9550 has wrong bus speed?

Now, I'm very new to overclocking- as in i've never done it before. I ran CPU-Z to take a look at my Q9550's STOCK clock speeds etc and I found something very wrong. When comparing my readings to other CPU-Z readings of stock Q9550's, my readings were way off.

I've never ever overclocked my CPU (or anything!) before in my life, but it appears that it is overclocked?

Here is my CPU-Z reading:

Here is what it should be:

What on earth is going on?
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  1. I don't know anything about OCing intel, but when I OC'd my AMD CPU I found that having cool'n'quiet enabled messed with it.

    I'm positive that intel has an equivalent and you should disable it.
  2. When you run a stressful program like Prime95, does it go to full speed?
  3. Its a second hand PC from 2 years back... i think it might actually be overclocked already.
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