Crysis on a Quadro FX1800?

*** ing GPU.
I hear everyone talking about crysis as the benchmark for graphics, but I don't know if I would be wasting my money buying it to play on a workstation card. What do you experienced gamers think, will the FX1800 be able to handle it?
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  1. your card is similar to the GeForce 9600... i think (similar architecture, core speed, memory).
    the card should be able to handle the game at decent resolutions... prob. w/ no AA
    but the drivers for the Quadro aren't really geared towards gaming
  2. exactly. The workstation cards take their time making sure to render everything properly, while gaming cards skip over a lot of details so they can a faster framerate. I just hope it'll still look cool.
  3. oy vey. I just ran 3dmark Vantage, and it was running between 6 an 15 FPS on the graphics tests. oof.
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