Time for an upgrade?


I'm looking at upgrading to either the i7 930 or i5 750 and keeping my existing GTX 295.

I'm currently running an e8500 @ 4GHz on a P35-DS3L. I have a ThermalTake bigwater (water cooling) at the moment

I "might" add an extra 295 at a later time.

Basically I would like to know the following:

1: will I notice much improvement if I upgrade?

2: Is there much performance loss using 2 gtx295s on a P55 mobo? (Would they work in 8x8 or something else?)

3: is the bigwater able to be used on either the i5 or i7?


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  1. For games that take advantage of a quad core you will see a big performance gain upgrading to an I5 or I7. The Difference between 8x and 16x is barely noticeable maybe about a 5% loss using 8x. As for the big water setup I dont know enough about that your best bet would be to check with the manufacturer and see if they sell a kit for the 1366 or 1156 boards.

    So should you upgrade? I would say yes if you are serious about gaming and want to run SLI. The I5 750 will be plenty for gaming purposes and like I said the difference in performance between 8x and 16x is only about 5% loss.
  2. Sorry if this is what you mean (im not too good when it comes to sli), but will 2 GTX 295s run in 8x8? or will they run slower because they have 2 GPUs?
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    Well if your asking if 2 GTX295s running 8x 8x is faster then 1 GTX295 running at 16x yes the 2 is faster then the 1. 2 GTX295s will rock like i said in my last post even though its running at 8x its only 5% slower then 16x yes 16x would be a little faster but no it is not a noticeable difference besides in benchmarks.
  4. Thanks,

    Now what i need to do is wait until AMD release their 6 core CPU, & hope for a little price drop from intel :)
  5. If it does as well as I think Intel will have no choice but to drop there prices I would like to see the I5s come down at least $50 for me to upgrade from my E8200.
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