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HD4890 Vapor-X Underperforming.. Why?

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January 11, 2010 4:17:24 AM


I'm new on this forum, and since I know you guys are probably the best for this, i needed to ask u a question about my new rig.

It just came 2 weeks ago, here are the specs:

i5 750 @ 3,0 (Turbo Boost OFF)
2x2GB DDR3 Corsair Dominator 1600MHz
Sapphire Radeon HD4890 2GB Vapor-X
Corsair VX550W

So the thing is that I asked a friend to recommend me a configuration kinda similar to his, but a little better. He has HD4870, 4gb ddr2 ram and a q6600 on stock. He has exactly 333FPS locked on CoD2 (DX7) and CoD:MW (DX9), all on extra except shadows.

And I cant even lock 250 in CoD2.. especially in smoke where it drops to 120 on dx7.. i have tried dx9 but it drops to 60.

I had HD5850 which was optimized for new games that I usually dont play, plus i got a bad sample that was broke, and i changed it for this one + cpu cooler.

This isn't about the huge amount of FPS, it's just that my pc is not good enough as it should be.

I had windows 7, when i got this card i tried cod2 and mw in win 7 ultimate 7600 64-bit with all updates as the gpu drivers.. even the hotfix, and the bios updated.. everything. It was scoring the same just as it's scoring now when i downgraded to win xp pro sp3.. except my internet isn't quite optimized for win 7 cuz my provider has it's own login system... anyways:

Can you give me an advice on how to resolve this issue, please? I think 90 FPS on CoD:MW @ 1680 or 1920 resolution and everything optimized (Not on Extra) is too low for this configuration.

Thanks again!

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January 11, 2010 4:22:51 AM

well i believe MW by default locks the framerate at 90FPS, so it isnt going to go any higher than that.

are you sure your friend isnt running any custom configs?
and what background processes do you have running? anything eating up CPU cycles?

for more performance though, you can certainly push the i5 further than 3.0 (get a decent cooler if you don't have one)
January 11, 2010 11:34:26 AM

No, i lock to 250, i made a FPS config.. tried everything on low, everything on high and everything average.. still the lowest is the best and i got drops to 90 fps in smoke.

I clocked i5 to 3,6 with turbo boost enabled today, with prolimatech megahalems and the temps are good.. everything is stable.

My CPU is not running anything in the background.. just microsoft security essentials which uses so low memory that it's rly funny with my 3,5GB on win xp.

So, i wanted to try to flash the card, could it help?

P.S. My friend in slovenia has the exact same config as me (vapor-x 1gb, mine is 2gb), only i5 750 is on default and he gets 10% smaller fps due to his processor not being clocked.

Maybe something is conflicting, i tried to pull out one ram out, still the same.. of course less performance with 2 gb.

The other guy i mentioned is on default config with everything on high @ dx7 cod2 and gets 333 all the time.. even in smoke. and he has hd4870 factory clocks, q6600 also factory and 4gb ram.

I had hd5850 which was a tad better then this one, but only 50 fps in cod2, so thats not much rly.

Any ideas, please?
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January 11, 2010 2:41:36 PM

I play CoD2 and CoD4 competitively as Online as on LAN Events..
So 250 is the perfect match for my needs..

I have managed to figure out something:

Since I had hd5850 and i5, i couldn't get 250 at some med effects.. A guy can lock 500 with the same configuration, but the different memory! Mine is Corsair Dominator his is plain Corsair something on 1333MHz. And it's working on his with no problem, however on mine it isn't.
My friend has the same rig as i do, and he has the same memory and performance that i have got.. (i have 4890 now)

So it isnt anything else (psu, gpu) it must be the memory, since the guy number one has 500 fps and different memory then the two of us.. with 5x lower fps.

Btw. a guy can lock 500 at a quad core 2,6, 2x2gb and gtx 260 which is by me on dx9 equal to hd4890.

So thats it.. i think it's the memory.

Pls, anyone else?
January 12, 2010 5:03:22 AM

er, not that im trying to say you are wasting your time or anything but...

you realise the human eye cannot tell the difference with anything over 120FPS right?
it doesnt matter how competetive you are, 500 fps or 200fps makes no difference.

but, i am all about not wanting a system to under perform. so id still want ti fixed.

about the ram, that clock speed probably means the timings are really bad. try lowering back to 800mhz and tightening the timings. i dont really think it would have a huge impact on performance. but it could surely have some.