Any one have this Mobo

Does any one have this mobo MSI 890FXA-GD70 AM3 AMD 890FX. Thinking about getting it but not sure about MSI brand
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  1. MSI is about as good as the red wings. :)
  2. MSI are one of the best brands for overclocking :) Even if you don't do it, they're still one of the most respected ones, even when it comes to other stuff such as graphics cards.
  3. in all seriousness, this board made me rethink MSI as a brand. i've never used anything but ASUS but if this board is any indication, MSI is getting serious about their products.
  4. I'm actually considering the same board for my build assuming I don't go with 890gx instead. From the reviews I've seen its just as good as the Asus and Gigabyte brand. It does fall behind in the benchmarks though and there was so issues with the onboard overclocking. All in all I think its a nice board and much prettier than the competition.
  5. It is what I am typing on right now and it is awesome!!! You can unlock cores, overclock anything, plus the 2600Mhz transfer speed is amazing. With this board, my system is always waiting on the Hard Drive, so you won't even reach this board's potential without an SSD.

    I prefer MSI mobos for AMD processors. Never had an issue with any of them.
  6. Oh, the 890gx is for people not running add-on video cards. If you have a video card, you will want the 890FX.
  7. I could care less about the included Videocard on 890GX motherboard since I will be installing an ATI HD 5870, but for my price range the 890FX is just not with in my budget. Not to mention I would never end using the the Dual 16x Pcie slots, so it just gonna have to be 890GX for me this time around. I wish Msi made a comparable motherboard for the 890gx chipset, the mini-atx one just would never fit my purposes not to mention it would look awful small in my case. I have had good experience with MSI though I have a computer with a MSI motherboard build back in 2002 and it still works like a charm.
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