Problem with google and yahoo.. WEIRD!! please help im completely lost

Hey there everyone! (this probaly doesn't even belong here)

I just cleaned out a virus on my computer and ever since i got rid of it, i can't use google or yahoo's search's, basicly the or google .com will load up and i'll see the site just like you normaly would, but when you try to search for something, (enter in a keyword and click search, or hit enter) a blank page loads and on the bottom of the browser it says that the page is done loading. the same thing happens with mozilla (i normally use IE) . I can use any other search engine and it works fine.

basicly I can't use yahoo or google to search for anything, ive deleted all cookies and temp files, reset IE, restarted my ISP. I have no idea why i can't use google or yahoo but all other sites and search engines work

also, if you search for images with google or yahoo it works fine but not the web.

any idea whats up here?

I'm normally very self sufficient when it comes to fixing problems with my computer but this one has me stumped :sweat: :??:
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  1. I wonder if the issue is with Domain Name Server. Go into Windows Connections and click on the relevant Connection, click Properties, scroll down to TCP/IP, highlight it and click Properties. Check that IP Address and DNS auto are ticked.
  2. Can you goto any other website simply by typing its address (ex.,, etc.)
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