USB 3.0 and PSU questions

Hi the following is my build which i plan on buying pretty soon. I am worried about two things. One: is a USB 3.0 motherboard important to buy currently. I plan using this computer for 3-5 years. Im trying to make a future-proof build as cheap as possible. Don't get me wrong im gonna upgrade every now and then but i want a pretty future proofed computer.TWO: The other thing im worried about is the powersupply i listed. I know its never gonna do crossfire but i want to know since its not 80 plus certified if it will be enough to support my computer. Im worried it won't be enough. If you guys can critique my build and mention those things especially id greatly appreiate it. Thanks in advance.

Here is the build

PSU Video card combo (this is the power supply im worried about)



Optical drive

Ram x2

mother board and cpu combo
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  1. Typically I'd never suggest a Thermaltake psu, considering that they're paying you to take it, I'd say it's a heck of a deal, and yeah it'll run your pc fine.

    Always avoid buying multiple kits of RAM for your pc. Find a single 2x2gb kit instead of 2 2gb kits. Even when it's the same exact memory there can be issues of different binnings being incompatible with one another.

    Only you can answer the USB question. Personally I could still get away with using USB 1.1 because all I use it for is mouse/kb/printer. I'm sure there will be external hdd's, ssds, and ramsticks that take advantage of the higher bandwidth. That being said it really doesn't improve the bandwidth over e-SATA so I have a hard time justifying it. I guess if you love portable usbsticks to transfer multiple gigs of data an argument could be made.
  2. And if you don't buy a USB3 capable motherboard now, you can always get a USB3 PCI/PCI-E card that you can install later.
    And efficiency ratings on PSUs are usually to do with how much power is drawn to give you the power that the PSU supplies to the system. So for instance, your system under load uses say 383 Watts, if the PSU is 86.07% efficient then it will draw 445W from the wall. If a PSU is not 80plus certified then it is hit and miss whether it will be 80% efficient and will draw much more from the wall to give the system the power it needs.
    Thermaltake do make some good PSUs, altho I don't think the one you are considering is one of their best units.
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