Overheating GPU?

I was having issues with my new vid card, last night my pc shut down. I put in a temp monitor and playing WoW I was at from 90-110c! Its idle at 60c.

I have a system fan plus an extra power cooler fan installed. The card is a (pile o ****e) nvidia geforce 210, earth watts 500 watt PS
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  1. Is the heatsink/fan assembly dusty? Clean it out with compressed air.
  2. That definately sounds a bit high.
  3. re-apply the thermal paste sometimes help a lot... :)
  4. Thing is this card is less than 1 month old
    But yeah I did blow it out anyway.
  5. wa1 said:
    re-apply the thermal paste sometimes help a lot... :)

    how would I do that?
  6. but wait, it only 1 month old, u can rma it, right?
    still on warranty?
  7. If you have ntune installed remove it, it can keep your gpu fan from ramping up with the temperature.

    To test if the fan is ramping up properly shut off the speakers and remove as much ambient noise as possible then listen to the card while doing something graphics intensive (not WoW), you should be able to hear it after two or three minutes.

    If the thermal transfer material on the card it defective the card will take longer to heat up initially but it will get much hotter than normal and it will stay hot for a really long time.

    The geforce 210 is listed with a maximum temperature of 105 C.
  8. Yeah, your GPU is overheating.
    I would recommend RMAing it for a new one or, if possible, returning it and getting a more powerful 4650 or 4670 for not much more.
  9. List down your system spec. What is your PC case? Lets see the details before making major decisions.
  10. Magic- I tested it with 3dmark, I can hear it running fine. A few days ago the fan was making some bad noises but after that day its been fine (sound wise)

    outlw - I am building a custom computer in about a month so I didn't plan on purchasing a new one.

    Leon - http://support.gateway.com/s/PC/R/5880/5880cl2.shtml Thats what I have. Installed on my own is an earth watts 550 PSU, geforce 210, soundblaster xfi xtremegamer, 2 1gb sticks of RAM (forget brand), extra fan http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835129042&cm_re=cooling_fan-_-35-129-042-_-Product

    Okini55 - I have not ever gotten a BSOD and the fans are working. I have Speedfan installed and its saying my fan is working. It only came with 1 fan I believe thats why I got that newer one. I don't see it listed as being an installed fan tho on the charts. I used ntune also to check and make sure if the speedfan was acurately clocking the 105C. Last night while playing WoW (which I wouldn't think was graphic heavy) I got to a spot with a lot of people and spells and stuff on the screen and my pc had basically shut down (the graphics did because I could hear the game still playing but the monitor turned off).
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