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Im looking to purchase a new computer, laptop or desktop. im leaning towards desktop for all the well known reasons. But i wanna game on it. Im not talking about serious gaming like FPS types, but more MMO like WoW and SWTOR that will be coming out. Can anyone help me out in detail please.
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  1. What is your budget?

    What you could do is buy a cheap (but decent) desktop gaming PC for around $400-$600 or so, and buy a laptop for ~$500 or so.
  2. Im willing to go up to around 1000, but like every other working college dude i would like to spend less :)
  3. ya guys im willing to install anything that isnt too complicated. im just now starting to get into the deep tech of all this and know forums like this one is the best place to learn and get exact advice on makes models and best way to get the best performance.
  4. What you could do is build yourself a decent gaming desktop for around $500, and buy yourself a laptop for around $500.
    Newegg has some decent laptops around the $400-$500 range. This should be able to give you the best of both worlds,
    able to game on a desktop while doing schoolwork on a laptop.

    suggestions for desktop:
    PII x2 955 or AthlonII x3 or x4 ~ $100 (or a cheaper AthlonIIx2 ~$60)
    DDR2 mobo + 4GB DDR2 RAM ~ $140 (DDR2 is MUCH cheaper when buying used)
    DDR3 mobo + 3GB DDR3 RAM ~$140
    Good 500watt PSU ~$60
    5670 or 4850 ~ $100
    Case ~ $40
    HDD ~ $40
    DVD ~ $20

    ~$500 for a desktop

    Or you can go all out on a desktop and spend $1000 on it.
  5. ok I can get on board for building one. Idont even know where to start, im assuming there are youtube videos for this, mind sending me some reliable links for the building, could I also message you if i needed any help? question though bluescreen, with the little research iv done i thought the athlon was the bottom end of the AMD line
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  7. wow the anandtech & maxiumpc links were great. i think the mainstream intel route may be the way to go with anandtech link. what do yall think?
  8. im trying to research it out a little bit more as far as the parts to see if there are some upgrades i dont mind spending for, you got anything to add or change to that build?
  9. haha loaded question. Every pc user has their own opinions about each part right
  10. ct1615 said:
    its kind of loaded question

    I would personally get a corsair PSU, 450 or 550w
    a different case (just personal taste)
    use a different HSF and OC the CPU

    but none of those are really make or break changes

    I would suggest the ATI 5770 to run the display they have, the 4850 is fine for a 20"

    what does "use a different HSF and OC the CPU" mean exactly
  11. HSF = Heat Sink Fan
    OC = overclock.

    You can usually increase the speed of your CPU quite safely these days by increasing your FSB clock on your motherboard, often being able to achieve a small boost without changing any other settings :)

    For example I am running my 2.66Ghz CPU at 3.56Ghz, but I am using a huge Scythe Mugen 2 air cooler instead of the stock intel HSF :)
  12. Tip for a system builder:

    Get a good case and PSU. These are worth investing in because they will last you for years, if you get good enough ones, that is.

    Also in real world situations getting a really good graphics card is a good idea, you will get the most performance form that. The new DirectX11 cards are out, get a good one if you can and it will last you a long time also. A Radeon 5850 is the best performance/$ at the moment if you can get a good deal.

    I would go for an 1156 motherboard and an 15 750 CPU, and 4Gb of DDR3 RAM.

    I wonder if you could squeeze that out of $1000. I wonder if there would be enough room in the budget for an i7 860 instead......

    I dont know what US prices are like.
  13. US is the computer wonderland of sorts. The trends are that our hardware prices are much lower than what people will pay in many other parts of the world (though VAT may have something to do with that).

    Also, I know that since most of here have at least moderate experience, I'm not sure if the OP would be comfortable with overclocking his computer. I think it would be a safer bet to try to avoid a system that needs to be OC'd (if at all possible).

    Though I think at his resolution it shouldn't be hard.
  14. I agree with cscott_it about the OC'ing.

    You could check out newegg's DIY PC combos. They have several systems at all price ranges, so you can pick what you are willing to pay.
  15. hmmmm no i have never OC anything but if it isnt something dramatically complicated im confident I can handle it with the proper know-how
  16. i appreciate all the help, if yall wouldnt mind checking in every now and then ill keep updating the thread with what im thinking of purchasing so all the extra input would be awesome.
  17. this case is looking like a front runner, considering no case is perfect
  18. newegg's specs say it can go ATX and micro-atx so as far as I know ( which is limited :) )itll be a good fit
  19. You can assemble pc depending your budget for gaming i reccomend you 5850HD video card
  20. ok this is probably gonna sound really stupid but if i get this drive is it gonna be the only one i will need or am i gonna need a seperate simple one to load my games onto the computer? please limit laughing to a 5 min maximum lol
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