I have an Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB RAM and have installed a ASUS EN8400GS. I want to know if it will be sufficient when I play NFS, NFS Carbon, NFS Most Wanted, etc..please reply..
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  1. Yes, u can, but with medium setting...
    What is your monitor's resolution?
  2. You can play them all on medium settings,but as wa1 said what resolution do you play at ?
  3. These are both entry level graphics cards. You can play most games at low levels but I would recommend upgrading to at least a 9800 gt or equivelent ati card for any of the newer games. Always check the box of the game to check for minimum requirements to see if your graphics card will play the game.
  4. I got a 32-bit system and screen resolution is 1366 X 768.
  5. Why dont you just try the games and find out?

    But like other said, most games will be playable at1366x 768 but you wont have great framerates with brand new games.
  6. Yeah..I'm gonna do that..but I gotta take a few opinions..I hope those games work..thanks though..
  7. You will be fine with medium settings on that res,even some settings on high for original NFS
  8. Thanks Maziar..
  9. No problem glad to help :)
  10. Of course it will. But these games will lag if you put the games to the maximum graphics...You will have to adjust your games' resolution and graphics then it will work better...
  11. yes! u can run those games (NFS, NFS Carbon, NFS Most Wanted) with maximum detail in 1024x768 (with windowsXP pro sp3) - tested & garunteed!!!
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