GPU for Core i5 750

Hi guys
I just got a new i5 with Gigabyte P55-UD4P
Cooler Master CM 690

Now looking for a GPU
I have $200.
Don't have a single penny except it
Please tell me the best card for the money
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  1. The most powerful choice for $200 is an ATI 4890.

    See Tom's best cards for the money article:,2521-5.html

    (However, if you plan to keep the card a long time, and dont have an extremely high resolution monitor the newer, but less powerful 5770 ($150) would be more energy efficient, and has direct x 11. )

    A good purchase option: XFX 4890 $192
  2. Best answer
    You can go with 5770 for $150
    Overclock it to reach performance close to 4890

    By this you can save your money and do a CrossFire in Future

    Good Luck
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