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I am running a i5-750 processor and when I'm playing games such as BF:BC2 or Dragon Age i observe my windows 7 CPU Usage gauge and cores 1-3 are all between 15-40% usage fluctuating back and forth, but core 4 is always hovering around 95-100% usage. is this normal or do i appear to have a faulty processor?
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  1. Its perfectly normal 1 core will always be used more.
  2. is it normal for the one core to stay scaled around 100% while gamine while all others are much lower? it seems a computer would be more effective spreading the load across all cores, or at least more than one... right?

    Would switching to an i7-860 make any difference with the hyper threading? or will it be the same situation but with 7 cores much lower rather than 3?

    do BFBC2 or DA:O take advantage of hyper threading? or would upgrading to the 860 be a waste of money for my purposes? (the games mentioned and school work primarily) no editing or graphic design
  3. It's the way the game is programmed, nothing is wrong with your processor, and you wont' see an even work load accross cores with any other processor.
  4. No because the problem is most games dont take advantage of more then 1 or 2 threads so it dosent matter if you have 4 or 8 threads if the game only supports 1 or 2 threads thats all its gonna use no matter what processor you have. And in a perfect world yes it would spread it all across the cores but programing for that is very difficult and time consuming.
  5. wow, i really appreciate the quick replies. Thanks a lot fellas. you've been more than helpful. i guess i wont worry then and can find something else to spend my money on... lol
  6. Yea definitely you have a killer processor there enjoy it.
  7. Thanks, I have been so far; unfortunately, i'm back at school for a few more weeks till i graduate and our servers are horrible... i guess online gaming will have to do without me for 6 more weeks.

    regarding my core issue, i understand that one core will always run higher than others; is it normal for that one excessive core to be running at 95-100% the entire time?
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