PSU for 5770

I bought new system

I asked for GPU and got a answer in favour of 5770
Now i want an PSU
I am thinking about 500W
will it be enough?
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    If you want to go for crossfire now or in future I suggest you go with CORSAIR 750W
    But if you want to stay with a single card 600W will be best for you
    Good Luck
  2. This is just wrong. A corsair 450w would have run that system just fine. The 650w would be enough for two 5770s.
  3. ^^^
    He is right
  4. Yeah, that card is very low power for it's performance;
  5. The ATI 5770 plus an i5 750 should run with a 300w power supply easily if you don't overclock.
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