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i have a new laptop , is it necessary the fan should spin continously , or it should spin when cooling is necessary.
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  1. The fan should be going continuously but it will vary in speed depending on the temps.
  2. If it's only new and it's generating a large amount of heat without playing games or doing anything processor or graphic intensive, talk to the laptop manufacturer. It could be a fault. I've had faults with fan bearings before where it's not adequately cooling and the processor runs hot and the fan was on full speed all the time, and faults with heatsinks. Talk to them and describe your problem, you should be entitled to support if it's under a year old.
  3. Laptop fans shouldn't be on all the time, they monitor heat and spin up when need to cool depending on cpu load. As Collie147 says could be faulty, but check your BIOS for an option to switch it off until needed.

    My i7 laptop can hit 92c when o/c'ing a single core with fan on full, but general use never goes above 50c with fan coming when it feels like it.
  4. Ya,As das_stig said,Be sure that the fan controll is set to automatic in bios!
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