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Ok so I have been diving into overclocking recently and have usually just raised my CPU multiplier to 42, and then lowered the offset voltage by about .0050. I have not tried adjusting all of the settings you see in the overclocking guides, however I'm going to try that as well. So my motherboard is the AsRock Extreme 3 Gen 3, and looking through the stuff Mr.Face says I need to enable/disable here:

I noticed that I don't have a clue where it's located at in my BIOS, as it must be named differently. Does anybody with experience in an AsRock BIOS know where these are:

Limit CPUID Maximum
Power Technology
C1E Support
OverSpeed Protection
Execute Disable Bit

I can find a few of them such as Spread Spectrum, Internal PLL Overvoltage, and Intel Virtualization Tech, however I have no clue where the rest are. Anybody have any ideas? Google isn't helping me on this one. :(
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  1. Some of his "methods" seem to not be very acurate. Like the fact that you shouldn't lower the offset voltage even though he has it set to over 1.3volts on a 4.2Ghz overclock. That's is WAY too much for that, or at least from what I have read from other sources. Right now I have mine at around 1.2v and is stable. I'll look into it some more though. Thanks for the link!
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