775 mobo w/ dual x16 xfire

It seems like I cant find the perfect mobo :) but the mobo needs to have dual x16 crossfire and 775, and DDR3 would be a plus. Thanks!
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  1. LGA 775 really doesn't have very good DDR3 support. Your best bet is the ASUS P5Q Pro Turbo LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard for a current LGA 775 setup.
  2. The Rampage Extreme is a socket 775 X48 Chipset with DDR3, It runs x16/x16 with Crossfire, The problem is most of the x48 Chipset mobos are discontinued, Most people that would go for the Intel high end chipset are going x58 (socket 1366).

    If you can find ANY x48 board that supports DDR3, It will do x16/x16. BUT they are rare, "They" dont want you to keep getting high end 775 boards, IF you want high end "they" want you to go socket 1366..

    The P45 chipset may be the best chipset out for socket 775 now, unless you can find a x48 board on ebay or do alot of web crawling.
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