XFX ATI 5850 Black Edition

I've just connected an HDMI cable from my Video Card to our Samsung 40" TV. Do I need to connect anything in the Video card to send the audio output with the hdmi cable to our TV?

Many Thanks in Advance.
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  1. Go into your control panel and locate the Sounds and audio devices section.
    Change the default device to the ATI HDMI Audio device (not sure of the exact name, just look and you should locate it).
    You should now have sound over HDMI :D
  2. Thank you. I was so happy when I figured that out. I can now actually play 2 movies at the same time using one pc. Been wishing this for a long time. I didn't know ATI 5800 series actually have a built-in sound card chip.
  3. Yeah, it is a pretty cool feature.
    Glad everything worked for you, enjoy!
  4. The 4xxx cards had this to. It's a fun time.
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