EVGA 896-P3-1257-AR GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 in Antec 900

Hey all,

I am building a computer (first build) and my friend told me to get this video card, who also owns it. He told me that it is the card for me, but he said that it'd be a tight fit in my Antec 900 case, at best. I've read some reviews and they said that this card will fit in my case, but I have some questions like since the reviews didn't tell me too much:

How much room would I have left over?
Will the card block ports meant for other potential parts/upgrades?
Will the size of this card block air flow?
Are there any other drawbacks?
Any suggestions on other video cards that produce the same performance?

I plan on buying this card through NewEgg and figure I might as well get all the facts.

Thank you!
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  1. The GTX 216 is a powerful card and will satisfy you in almost every game
    About the fitting question, i don't think you will face any kind problems you listed above.
    Since it's not Radeon 5970
    I t will fit perfect and you don't have to move or remove anything

    Good Luck
  2. He owns the card, but that doesnt mean its a good card, it just seems so etc. (Not to say its a bad card or anything)

    Take a look at the market and benchmarks and judge for your self, see if you can pick up an ATi 5850 around the same price point - better in most if not all ways.
  3. kk thanks guys =]
  4. awesome, I ordered the card yesterday, thanks for the input okini!
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