Card burned or not?


I`ve got a 8600GTS. When I power on my PC it starts(but doesn`t shows anything) and after 2 seconds turns off and then automaticly back on and it goes so on. With other graphics cards it works fine.

Any ideas how could I test my card if its burned or not?
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  1. try your card on another system or u can see if there's any capacitors that broke...
  2. i`ve tried the card on other systems, but the same
    ...and how do i find out if any of the capacitots are broken?
  3. the capacitor will be different like the other caps, something like blown or burnt....
    Try to reseted the ram and see if that make any changes...
  4. Just look for any thing that seams to have broken off. Things that have broken off leave jagged edge in the old solder joint.

    This is what you should be looking for.
  5. evrything seems to be okay...what`s next? :(
  6. your card came with power connector or not?
  7. yes, it has a six pin connector
  8. I`ve managed to boot up the windows with my onboard graphics card, and i can see the 8600GTS in the device manager. Is there a way to test it with some kind of software?
  9. In the device manager appears the following message: "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems"

    I dont know why, but the windows now starts with the card, only there is no image.
  10. have u disable your onboard craphic card on BIOS?
  11. yep and i`ve tried with other two PCs`s the same
  12. banrobertkaroly said:
    yep and i`ve tried with other two PCs`s the same

    Dead card just get another one or RMA.
  13. if u already try every possible things but came with negative result then i'm sure that your card is dead, just like nforce4max said...
  14. okay, thanks everyone!
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