NEED HELP! WindowsXP issues on HP Pavilion's dv6000 & a1220n

I'm experiencing PC, Laptop, Phone and Network Problems at once!
Having issues with all 4 PC's in the network. The dv6000 and tower are both XP. Tower was working ok and dv6000 had Windows 7 put on about a year ago. Technician said it was fine. Well network? Was hacked and had all fixed and working properly with XP again. For about 10 minutes and was hacked again and both XP machines not working correct. Before both Windows 7 machines were victims. I don't have a disc and don't know what to do? Only Web device I can use is my phone. Was told possibly Microsoft doing it, or Broadcom being hacked? Idk... I need SERIOUS HELP WITH XP devices. HP Pavilion dv6000 and HP Pavillion a1220n. Windows 7 machines are fine now. PLEASE HELP BECAUSE I'M LOSING MIND and from people who arent educated from CrackerJack School. Thank you
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  1. You need to have a local tech look at your devices and setup. Do you have a router with a firewall? If yes, change all the passwords on it, including the admin login to the router and your wifi one. Then you may want to re-install Windows on your computers. If you don't have disks, contact HP and see if they can send you a recovery disk. Keep in mind that you should backup your files and settings first as the restore disks will wipe the drive.

    You also did not list exactly what the issue is, being hacked is a bit of a generic thing, what exactly happened? With all the systems, need details.
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