What motherboard for a gaming rigg?

hi, building a new gaming rigg and i was wondering if anyone could help me with the motherboard choice
so far i have (in my head)
1 radeon HD 5870 (but i plan to cfx in the future)
intel i7 920 cpu
6 gb triple channel ram
sound blaster sound card
single harddrive

might OC in the future as well
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  1. Asus P6T Deluxe V2

    Notice the excellent spacing for 2x cards in xfire:

  2. any comments on the rampage II extreme?
  3. Get the rampage if you plan on doing watercooling (I don't recommend watercooling, the money is better spent on a second video card).

    I have a Asus P6TD deluxe which is about the same as the P6T Deluxe V2. They are good mobos, but the second dual slot video card is a little cramped against the case/usb/audio leads along the bottom of the board.

    I have an x-fi titanium sound blaster I removed because the drivers were such a pain. Onboard sound on the asus boards is very good.
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