Temp 1 in Spedfan Fan?

What the heck is the temp 1 supposed to be? It doesnt match the GPU-Z reading for GPU memory, GPU core or GPu shaders. The Core at the bottoms is supposed to be CPU right? So what can Temp 1 be? My northbridge?
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  1. Definitely not the GPU. I suppose that would be the ambient temps around the CPU.
  2. Press "configure" and you will see it at "temperatures".
  3. The 2 most likely would be chipset or a bios cpu sensor. While those(bios cpu) are normally under the actual temp, in some cases they are actually higher.

    Load your cpu with prime, if it jumps, its a cpu if it only goes up a few degrees it may be the chipset.

    Either way those temps are fine.

    5000+ rpms. Is the cpu fan at max speed?

    As said under config you will see what sensors have each temp, but that is not always helpful but it will show the cpu and video cards sensors.

    You can also try hwmon for your temps

  4. Thanks dudes. Was my Athlon apparently.
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