Will the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO fit in my case?

I seem to be having trouble finding a decent heatsink for my case, the dimensions of the case I have are:

(W) 180 x (H) 408 x (D) 454 mm
(W) 7.08 x (H) 16.06 x (D) 17.87 inches

Also what is the difference between the hyper 212 plus and the evo? If it does not fit whats the best heatsink that will fit? I have a budget of $70 included with tax.
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  1. the differences between the EVO and the 212 plus are the EVO has a different fan and also the base that contacts the cpu has been redesigned on the can look at pictures to see the far as it should measure from the top of the cpu (without the cooler) to where the side panel would be if its on....if its 159mm or bigger then both the EVO and the 212 plus will also have to take into consideration if you have big heatsinks on your motherboard and ram it might cause clearance issues
  2. I measured it without taking the heatsink off because I did not want to break the thermal paste bond yet, as of now I dont have any mx-2 left, I used the ruler and it gave me around 160 but my side panel also extends outwards where the cpu heatsink is.
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    so from your current heatsink to the side panel you have 160mm? and your side panel isnt flat it comes out where the cooler is? then if that is true I would say you are golden! I have used both of those coolers on builds and they are excellent coolers for the price the performance is great you dont get much better than that....there are better ones out there for like 3x the price for like a 2c drop in temps...not worth it imo
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