Can a gaming pc affect room temperature?

I live in Puerto Rico and in my city, temperatures get over 90F regularly and even up to 100F. There was a particular day last month when it was at 97 but it felt like 110F because it rains a lot and the humidity makes it even worse. There is no AC in my apartment so my room is pretty warm most of time. Sometimes when I'm in doing stuff in my PC, specially when gaming , I feel more heat in my room.

Temps are ok inside the computer, nothing to be alarmed there. But still, that's 50 or 60 degrees spreading around.
The fans in my case are the ones it brought and my cpu is using the stock fan and heatsink.

My question is:
If I install a nice cpu cooler like this one (Zalman CNPS9500A-LED 92mm 2 Ball CPU Cooler) and a good fan on the side panel, will room temperature get a little lower? If so, is it going to be significantly better?
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  1. Well the heat generated from your computer has to go somewhere and that somewhere is your room. I have a small room and you can easily notice the temperature difference between it and the rest of the house.
    You could switch your computer to a bigger room. Since there's more air around it will remain cooler (or at least take more time to heat up). Or try creating an air draft (or whatever its called) by opening lets say the window and the door on the room
  2. No, adding that will not lower your room temp. You can try to undervolt though, to produce less heat.
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    No A/C with those temps? And I thought living in FL with A/C was hell at times. Anyways, adding a better fan and cooler will make little to no difference in the temperature of your room. Adding better cooling to the computer does not affect the amount of heat the computer generates. Circulating more air through the computer will only heat your room up faster. As akxpckwb said, the heat has to go somewhere. That somewhere is your room. It is what it is.
  4. Something to think about songorocosongo :)

  5. well thanks guys

    I did a little cualitative analysis myself (since right now I'm taking a thermodynamics course) and got to the conclusion, which later i found obvious duh, that more fans would just take the heat from inside the computer and transfer it to the room faster. But in the end, the temp would be the same. Just as akxpckwb and jdog2pt0 said

    My only achievable option is to buy better components in the future that work at lower temps under load. boju's contribution is very interesting but I can't do that due to the rules of this building.
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  7. I live in Idaho and in the winter when the temps are in the single digits to negatives I can use my gaming rig as a heater.
  8. Put another hundred runs of Ibt on dear, its turned nippy :-p
  9. On a kind of related note:

    My computer is near a window and like OP my room gets hot. Now this is not a problem for me however my parents insist I open the window. We all hate when the sun turns half the screen white so is there a solution to this?
  10. Curtain/blinds, move the monitor, launch a nuke into the sun to burn it out,
    I prefer the first option myself :P
  11. Motopsychojdn I was so keen on your third option... Anyway thanks for the answer. Thought there could be some anti-reflection protection thing around stores
  12. Hehe, np man, I like to try and bring a little humour in once the questions been answered :)
  13. Quote:
    Can a gaming PC affect room temperature?

    Mine Does! ;)
  14. so does baked beans and eggs =D
  15. Ryans affects it by cooling the room, not heating it, so its cold beans and raw egg if you're round his :)
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