Looking for gtx260 / ati 4650 sli mobo for i5

I'm looking for a GTX 260 / ATI 4650 sli/xfire ready mobo that fits an i5 socket and ddr3 ram. What should I be looking for in the specifications on Newegg? BTW I shop

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  1. you cant run a 260 with an ATI 4650. If you SLI/Xfire, they have to be idential cards.

    You should be looking for a motherboard that has an 1156 socket, DDR3 ram native support up to 1600mhz, and at least two PCI express slots (both at 16x or 16x/8x would be fine as well.)
  2. You can use GTX 260 and HD 4650 but not in a SLI/CF motherboard, you have to get a motherboard which supports Lucid
  3. I explained it wrong.

    I am looking for a mobo that can either do sli or crossfire with either the GTX 260 or ATI 4670.

    How is this mobo?

    I doesn't have USB 3.0 though, are there any mobos out there that do? and also SATA 3?
  4. Would this mobo satisfy these requirements?

    - sli or crossfire ready for gtx 260 or ati 4670
    - usb 3.0
    - sata 3
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    Sorry for my misunderstanding at first.
    Go with GA-P55A-UD4P then,its got more features than P55M-UD2 and supports SLI/CF.
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