Relentless Realtek audio drivers

This company seem to bring out a new HD audio driver more often than I change my underpants, yet there is never any changelog to suggest that the latest one is better than the last. 2.44 came out 16th March and now, less than 2 weeks later, 2.45 comes out. Everytime I download the new one from from their horribly slow website and install it, it resets all my settings, and manages to totally screw some up, (whereby my 5.1 speakers are reduced to 2.1). Thing is, when I finally get it all working again there is absolutely NO improvements, sounds exactly like the last one, ie, same glitches unfixed. Have they just been putting out the same driver for 2 years and renumbering it? Where are the changes listed? Confused.
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  1. Most likely the drivers they update are fixing a conflict that it may have with another device my advice to you is leave the driver alone unless you have a problem.
  2. Gross. You must smell pretty awful if that's how often you change underpants.
  3. @SAAIELLO: You're probably right. I'll not be updating until I see a definite change.

    @Goise: Do I need to tell you I was being metaphorical? I will anyway, just in case...
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