Motherboard monitor

Hello, im looking to OC my rig,
its a Phenom 2 955 C2 revision,
Gigabyte MA790GPT-UD3H

At the moment im looking for a motherboard monitor that works with this board...

im trying to get it to 4gig stable...
i read the how to in this forum but would like to just make sure everything is perfect
before stress test...

any help would be appreciated thx
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Try Everest,its a good app for monitoring apps.
  2. already got it i was hoping for one that says the northbridge temps
    and northbridge vid's
  3. Try speedfan,Temp1 should be the northbridge
  4. im using an app from cpu-z the hardware monitor found here...
    which one would it be?
    at present im in windows with this config...

    nb freq - 213
    nb multi - 12x
    nb clock - 2562
    ht multi - 11x

    core temp is fluctuating form 33C to 41C at idle

    can i post a screen print of all the readings i have and get some feedback please?
  5. forgot to mention im using the corsair h50 cooler... is it still high ?
  6. Your CPU temp looks normal.
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