INNO3D problem

i have a

Gforce 9500GT Inno3d

it was working properly till last night when i have this message processor thermal trip and the system shuts down
when i restart my inno3d card is not detecting i tried everything reinstalling the fans of my card and so on but still its not working
please can anyone tell what is wrong with it
and what is the solution
my pc is working with my build-in intel card on my DG31PR board
thnx i hope to get some tech solution for that :??:
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  1. it can be overheating, clean it and make sure it free of dusk, re-apply the thermal paste...
    If after that your card is still couldn't boot up then your card is dying.
  2. i have cleaned my card but it still not working, when i install it my card fans runs giving out a noise of small magnitude but my card is not detected
  3. Have another computer? or friend's? u can try it there...
    If still not working then i think your card is dying...
  4. ok thnx i try it on another pc if not i think dust bin works good for it

    and never gonna buy inno3d card
  5. ok, good luck then...
    u just unlucky that your card is in trouble, the other brands got problems too... :)
  6. may be but i tried and it didn't worked wasted my hard earned money and it fails
    time for me to try radeon
  7. Okay, just choose the right card for your need and make sure u have a good PSU to handle it... :)
    But wait, just try this first, try reseated the ram and try on each of them, see if that help.
  8. ok thnx i try to do
    any good suggestions the card i should buy and How much PSU
  9. Your current PSU?
    how much do u want to spend?
    Are u gaming?
    What is your monitor's resolution?
  10. 400
    big time gamer
  11. Your PSU, what brand? model?
  12. PC power and cooling Silencer PPCS420X 420W ATX12V 80 PLUS
  13. okay, your PSU is good, just take a look at this as an example:

    only $110 and Minimum Power Supply Requirement: 400 Watt
    Your PSU came with 6pin power connector for pci-e card, right?
  14. and if u want an ATI card:

    your PSu would be enough to powered these cards...
  15. thnx for ur help does these card all games out there now
  16. for your resolution(1366x768) then u can max out most of any games out there with that card...
    But it depend on your CPU too... :)
    U will see a big jump performance from 9500GT to 9800GT or HD 5750.
    Make sure these cards will fit on your case.
  17. i go for 5750 and also upgrade mu psu to 600w bcz i have seen some where that it requires that much power
  18. what brand PSU? choose a good brand like corsair, antec, ocz, silverstone...
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